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2023 Rocketry Challenge Finalist Announcements - HSA will try again for the next year!

Here is what Mrs. Meydan had to say about rocketry for this year:

"Hi all,

Both Hawks teams tackled really hard against the tough weather this season but flew so fast and high this year that they missed the final stop but we won't give up! Every year is another experience for them to discover a new method as we get closer and closer to the competition criteria.

I would like to give a BIG THANK to firstly our principal Mr. Zen, and Mr. Gercek for their support in transportation and expenses (which is more than what AIAA granted us), and Mr. Aytekin for teaching and helping the teams how to 3D print some parts of the rocket.

Rocketry news will continue and finalize this year with freshmen's rocket flights which is part of their PBL project. Stay tuned for more info and the upcoming field trip emails in May!

If any wonders, here are the teams from Ohio and other states advanced to the finals. "

Congrats Teams!


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