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Ohio Train Derailed...

On February 3rd, 50 cars derailed near the village of East Palestine, Ohio, causing a fire which was the length of all the cars. Eleven of the cars contained hazardous material along with cancerous chemicals. Many residents have noticed their animals dying and suspect the derailment to be the cause especially after they decided to burn the chemicals. Exposure to the gas from these chemicals can cause throat irritation, dizziness nausea and headaches. The chemical has had noticeable effects in water and people are warned to test the top soil of their crops for pollution. Many Tiktok videos have warned against the government covering up this information and being the reason it has not spread. More than 3500 fish have died because of the polluted waters. Please be safe and make sure your water is not contaminated, obvious signs of fizzing and cloudy water means it is contaminated. You can also notice contamination from the smell!


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