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NFTE Competition

Mr. Golding's class has been in the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) curriculum. They've recently finished the final project for their class! The best presentations of these projects are invited to participate in a competition through NFTE next week on Thursday, the 9th. If done well .in their first competition, they will get invited back to the second round. If they advance to the third round, they will get a paid trip to Chicago (where NFTE is based) to present in front of a live audience. They could ultimately win over $15,000 if they make it all the way!

There were seven students selected for this competition:

Ayan M. Ali

Jaylen Fultz

Siham Mohamed

Mohamed Hadad

Shevelia Evertt-Asong

Ayub Mohamed

Ibado Bouh

They have all done great jobs on their presentations. Let's cheer these 7 students on and hope for the best!



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