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Mr. Aytekin's Classroom OSU Agriculture Research Center Trip

Mr. Aytekin, where he and his students went to OSU's Agriculture Research Center as guests. Mr. Aytekin's students have recently been working on a new interdisciplinary project with the collaboration of multiple industrial and higher education partners (Rockwell, Fork Farms, and OSU ) called Automated Hydroponic Flex Farming Project where students have been utilizing their automation skills in agriculture.

His students use their coding and engineering skills to automate a hydroponic system in their classroom, which mirrors similar techniques in high-tech farming. Visiting the OSU research center allowed Mr. Aytekin's students to observe real-world applications, which will aid them in refining their ideas during their projects.

The OSU faculty spoke highly of the students and their remarkable abilities in many aspects. Currently, the professor is collaborating with Mr. Aytekin to secure funding for his classroom to expand their automated hydroponic project to new levels. If you want to learn about other projects that Mr. Aytekin and his students have completed, please visit his classroom. What a phenomenal learning environment!!


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