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MAC visits Ohio University

From Mr. Harmison - "Today was a totally neato truly full-circle experience. I had the absolute pleasure of taking my media arts students (all Seniors, the last of my original group from when I started my media program 4 years ago) on an excellent media-centric field trip from Columbus to Ohio University, specifically the Scripps College of Communication (my alum 2x - where I began my Bobcat adventure in 1991 direct from the US Army). We had a great time and all the university folks were outstanding. They got to tour multiple buildings including the Schnoover Center, RTV, Scripps Hall (Esports), Baker Center, and the beautiful 'District' dining hall on West Green. Several of my students will be attending OU in the Fall....Oh Yeah! I hope to make this a yearly visit with my future our new building...with my large green infinity wall....which looks like Studio C's in the pics."

MAC - Media Arts Club, The Squawk and On The Horizon are all modeled after WOUB News (and Newswatch) and Olentangy Orange's The Juice and Orange Media


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