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HOSA Fall Leadership Conference

2023 is our first year in which Horizon attends the FLC!

The Fall Leadership Conference for HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) serves as a pivotal event, bringing together aspiring healthcare professionals to foster leadership development and cultivate a passion for excellence in the field. This immersive conference provides attendees with a platform to engage in dynamic workshops, interactive sessions, and collaborative activities aimed at honing essential leadership skills. Participants have the unique opportunity to learn from industry experts, share insights with like-minded peers, and gain valuable knowledge to propel their careers in healthcare forward.

The Fall Leadership Conference not only equips HOSA members with the tools for effective leadership but also fosters a sense of community and dedication to making a positive impact in the healthcare sector.

This event was a great experience for some of our Year 2 and new HOSA students. his year, we're proud to announce that we have 85 members on board! This is a huge increase from last year - where we had 23! Our students' achievements are impacting their school community in a positive way and the growth we have seen this year is proof! Congrats HOSA students!


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