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CONSEF 2023...

Students participated in the four main events at CONSEF-Science Fair, STEM Expo Demos, Math Olympics, and RoboCON.

Thank you messages from Ms. Hicks,

"I am very proud of our students. Over this year, the students have been preparing for this big event through hours of work and dedication. I would like to say thank you to Mrs.Meldrum, Mrs.Meydan, Mr.Caliskan, Mr.Aytekin, and Ms.O’Neil for serving as mentor teachers and working tirelessly with the students by supporting them and giving them guidance. Next, a HUGE shout out to Mrs.Meldrum, Ms.Brady, Ms.O’Neil, Mr.Aytekin, Mr.Gercek, Mr.Ince, Mr.Kucuker, and Mr.Pilak for traveling, chaperoning students, and supporting the students and I for this event. A thank you to Mr.Gercek for helping me cover all the logistics that go into traveling for multiple days. Another person to thank is Mr.Pilak and Lastly, a special thanks to Mr.Zen for always supporting our efforts to compete at science competitions!!"

We had 26 students who presented and/or competed.


Math Olympics:

They completed a math assessment for 1 hour. After the competition all the students were given participation medals. Then, based on the assessment scores, other students who received a ranking were honored at the award ceremony.

  • Hawanatu Carew- Participation

  • Kofi Ocran- Honorable Mention

  • Leila Daniels- Honorable Mention


We placed in every event of Robocon. All winning robotics teams got a trophy and each student on the team got a medal. We won 3rd place in our Line Following event where students had to build and program robots to autonomously follow a course predetermined by the Robocon committee.


We had 8 students present their projects to judges during the science fair portion of CONSEF. Each of them did an amazing job!! Best of Category awards mean that Esi and Brionna had the top senior division projects in each of their categories out of all the 9-12th grade students that had projects in their categories. Malak received the GRAND Award which means her project had the highest total score of ALL of the senior division (9-12th) student projects presented at the fair. This is the highest individual student award in the science fair project portion. This meant she was at the top of all the high school projects. She did a great job and we are extremely proud of her!

CONSEF Best School Award:

Our school received the ranking of 2nd Place School in the Senior Division out of all the high schools that competed in science fair.


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