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Concept Writing Contest Winners

Two English III students were honored with awards in the Concept Writing Contest this year! There were over 300 entries.

Ibrahim Osman earned 3rd place overall!

Isatu Bangura was an honorable mention!

Texas Bluebonnet flower

Texas my love by Ibrahim Osman

In the heart of Texas, where the sun kisses the land,

I find solace in the vastness of its open hand.

With skies so wide, they hold dreams untold,

And fields that whisper tales of the bold.

In the twang of a guitar and the drawl of a voice,

I find the rhythm of life, where souls rejoice.

From the bluebonnets dancing in the springtime breeze,

To the rugged canyons, where my spirit finds ease.

Texas, oh Texas, where the stars shine bright,

Guiding wanderers through the darkest of night.

In its fiery sunsets, I see hope's golden hue,

And in its resilient spirit, I find strength anew.

For Texas, isn't just a place on the map,

But a feeling deep within, where memories overlap.

In every cowboy's song and every rodeo's cheer,

Texas whispers, "Home," and draws me near.


She’s A Dancer

by Isatu Bangura

A dancing queen of many sounds

Piano tiling the many scores of life:

Injustices,hate and marginalization

Crescendo, decrescendo

One step at a time.

I’m a dancer.

With my little feet of words

Marking language with my art,

Telling stories in genres

Of an artiste;

Beautiful stories of unity.

I’m a dancer of words.

A moving narrative of

An innocent child,

To the climax of a woman.

I dance for gender equality

I dance for justice;

In this stage called life,

I dance for universal love.


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