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The Rocketry Club Soars!

HSA had 2 rocketry teams. Both teams made many flights yesterday at the darree soccer field! Although the weather was calm to make smooth straight launches for so many times, they had several troubles (which comes with the nature of rocketry) like ripped down parachutes, rockets stuck in trees;

"I had to climb and cut some branches" said Mrs. Meydan

"Yakub and I were fasting but we did not feel any hunger with the excitement of flights." she added.

Teams were tackling with running simulations and analyzing a bunch of data at the same time and picking the most suitable conditions before each flight!

Here are the results:

(criteria:850ft in 42-45 sec)

1st practice and the best flight: 846 ft in 41 sec

2nd flight: 856 ft 41 sec

3rd flight: 776 ft 39 sec due to high wind on apogee.

In a nut shell, the Baby Hawks team got the average score of 47.9 which means they can possibly advance, if other Ohioan teams got more score than us. Are they done? No, not yet! The Hawks 2nd team couldn’t make official flights today due to limited time. The team will fly this Sunday in the morning to make qualification flights and compete with New Albany and hopefully catch up to the deadline with some cool data submission!

Please congratulate Micheal Ko, Deepa Ghimire, and Priya Adams for their outstanding knowledge, performance and teamwork today!


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