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Robotics Team Visits the Middle School !!!

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

What’s cooler than robots? Making them. The Robotics team at Horizon has been making award-winning robots at competitions for years. Not only do they make Robots but they also learn critical thinking skills needed for real-life situations. They also have team-building activities to increase their collaboration skills. Our school’s Robotics team also participates in community service events. Just last week they went over to collaborate with the middle school. They did presentations to give the middle schoolers some insight on what to look forward to in the future.

The visit was absolutely spectacular. It was nice to see so many young people investing their time and efforts into the improvement of technology. One thing discussed was the FTC competition. The First Tech Challenge is a competition where young minds ages 7-12 engage their robots in head-to-head challenges integrating their knowledge in both design and programming. The middle schoolers were encouraged and advised to keep going with their passions.


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