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Student Successes

Showcasing excellent student successes at our school!

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Concept Schools Regional Science Fair
March 2023

Students submitted their projects to this virtual competition.

12 students' projects were judged and they ALL received a GOLD ranking from the judges.🥇 


Concept Schools Regional Science Fair
March 2023

Abena Bonna - Chemistry
Which Metal is the Most Reactive to Hydrochloric Acid?

Barsha Rasaily - Physics
Head in the clouds


Brionna Edwards - Electronics/Engineering
   Solar Powered Automobile: A Look Into the Reduction in Greenhouse Emissions and Automobile Pollution

Esi Hammond - Biochemistry
Dinoflagellates: Applying Mechanical Stimulation and Reversing the Luciferin-Luciferas
e Activation cycle

Evan Campbell - Computer Science
An Implementation of RSA

Khasim Mohamed - Computer Science

Estimating PI

Malak Mashar -  Zoology

Cohabitation Analysis of Adaptive Behavior: Multiple Non-Invasive Amphibian Species

Paula Gemfi - Computer Science


Salman M Mohamed - Computer Science

Getting Closer to Pi

Siham Mohamed - Earth and Space Sciences
What Method is Best to Preserve the Surrounding Environment When a Glacier on Top of a Mountain Melts?


Suleikha Hakim - Zoology

How Do Changes In Photon Emissions Affect The Growth of Axolotls?

Yakub Jalloh - Mathematics

Gravitational Acceleration

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