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Horizon Esports teams battle regional schools

Coach Harmison's awesomesauce competitive video gaming teams started play last week at the Westerville campus, meeting on the virtual battlefield. This is our second year for Esports at Horizon Columbus. Season teams this rotation include Mario Kart, Super Smash Ultimate and Fortnite. Games are held through March after school against regional schools across Central Ohio.

More information about our statewide Esports program can be found here. Many games are offered each season.

Anyone can join VGC - Video Gaming Club, which meets on Thursdays and offers open game play in Westerville 132 and Morse 103. Also, lunch gaming sessions are also offered on most days at the 132 location. See Mr. Harmison for more information about gaming in Westerville and Mr. Wallace for Morse Road gaming opportunities.

2023-2023 Esports Spring season Fornite regional champs - and 3rd in the whole state!


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