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Freshman Rocket Launch Field Trips

Ms. Meydan's 'Rocketeers' attended a field trip to Woodward Park on May 11 and May to launch their model rocket that they built in December as a group as part of their PBL Rocketry project. This PBL project is an all-year-long 'final' project that covers three units and students will be assessed according to the data they collected on the launch day afterwards.

From Ms. Meydan - "Mr. Peter Bricker who is a retired Aircraft Mechanic Technician has been an awesome mentor for us by sharing his rocketry knowledge, experience, and materials with us before, during and after the launch! HSA Hawks continue to fly high!

Here are the pictures and videos of a day full of rockets with unforgettable thrilling moments. Ms. Hessler, Mr. Ince and Lujayna (HSA alumni) did amazing to help manage the day. I couldn't do this without you guys! Thank you!"


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