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Entrepreneurship Competition

In the last month, the students in Mr. Golding's class have been working on a final project in which they had to create a business idea based on their interests and/or skills. They had to present or "pitch" their business to the class. They've been using the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) curriculum. At the end of the year, they have a competition, where students can compete for money and a chance to present their business ideas in Chicago and even New York!

As stated before 7 students, those being:

Jaylen Fultz

Ayan M. Ali

Ibado Bouh

Mohamed Hadad

Shevelia Evertt-Asong

Siham Mohamed

Ayub Mohamed

They entered the first round of this competition where they competed against other schools in the Midwest through Zoom. Five of those kids advanced to the next round which is this Thursday, again on Zoom. If they advance once again they will be heading to Chicago! (NFTE pays for everything!)

The two competitors who did not advance were Siham Mohamed and Ayub Mohamed though both still did an amazing job and deserve congratulations!

Let's wish these students good luck for this Thursday!



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