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Engineering Desing PBL Public Product Presentation to experts

Yesterday, April 15th, engineering design students from Ms. O'Neil's classroom presented their public products to a panel of experts, totaling 6 people from Honda, Honda suppliers, and Dr. Orr. There were 12 groups with 12 projects presented to judges, students, and administrators including Mr. Kucuker from Concept, teachers, and seniors from Westerville. It was truly the involvement of a variety of audiences. 

Their driving question/engineering problem was creating car consoles that serve specific demographics. They targeted a businessman in his 30s, a mother with children in her 40s, and college students aged 18-25. Students generated many ideas and selected the best one to develop sketches. After sketching, students used CAD programs to produce prototypes/scale models, which were then 3D printed. These were the products they presented along with their cases to the experts today on Morse Rd.

This was a wonderful opportunity created for Ms. O'Neil's engineering class students and it truly sets a golden standard for PBL projects! And a shoutout to anyone who supported the students during the event!!!



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