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College Credit Plus Info Night

CCP (College Credit Plus) Info Night was hosted yesterday at 5:30 pm at the Westerville campus!

The CCP Night was a great opportunity for students and parents to gain valuable information about the benefits and details of participating in the CCP program. We had a special guest, Taylor Pearson, from Columbus State Community College. Her presentation covered the eligibility requirements, application procedures, course offerings, and the potential advantages of earning college credits while still in grades 7-12. 

Participating in a College Credit Plus(CCP) program can offer a lot of benefits to students. Here are some of the key advantages:

-Earn College Credits: This can significantly reduce the time required to obtain a college degree.

-Cost Savings: CCP courses are funded by our school, so students do not incur any expenses, including the books.

-Advance Academic Challenge: CCP courses can intellectually challenge students and better prepare them for the demands of college-level coursework.

-Explore Career Interests: CCP allows students to explore different academic and career pathways before committing to a specific major in college; helping them make more informed decisions about their future.

-Smooth Transition to College: Taking CPP while still in high school provides students with a smoother transition to the college environment.

-Increased Motivation: The prospect of earning college credits and engaging in challenging coursework can boost students' motivation and enthusiasm for learning.

-Build a Strong College Application: Completing CCP during high school can enhance a student's college application.

-Access to College Resources: CCP students often gain access to college resources such as libraries, laboratories, etc.

-Faster Degree Completion: By accumulating college credits early, students may have the opportunity to graduate from college sooner, enter the workforce, or pursue advanced degrees ahead of their peers. 

We have 75 HSACH students who are taking CCP courses! Families from Noble Academy and Horizon Science Academy Middle School also participated. The program ended with a building tour.

It was amazing to see the students asking questions and families being involved. The program concluded around 7 pm.

Thanks to Mr Zen for participating and encouraging students about CCP,

Ms. Kara for arranging student volunteers and giving an impressive tour of the building to the families, and Mr. Ornek for ensuring the smooth operation of tech items and staying until the end of the program.



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