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Media Arts Capstone - MAC
presents On the Horizon
a fun weekly news

and variety show
Previous episodes are always

posted on our YouTube Channel

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On the Horizon for March 31st, 2023

Women's History Month Fun Fact

The first Woman’s History Day took place
on February 28, 1909, in New York City.
It commemorated the one-year anniversary
of the 15,000 women who marched
in the garment workers’ strikes

Hawk News

Full Feather 

Black History Month_edited_edited.jpg

Full Feather is a student-run business where students in the business class,
can make T-shirts and more for the student body to show their spirit!
They work hard to diversify and express the creativity of Horizon because We. Are. Hawks!

​Fully feathered, Fully dressed.

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